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About the company What we do

What we do

GEOSPLIT — the company of complete production cycle

The key success factor for our business model is a cycle including: scientific research, field testing, commercialization and evaluation.

GEOSPLIT continuously expand portfolio of its products and services.

Company activities

Implementation of commercial projects for monitoring well inflow profiles


Research and Development




Reporters production


Marked proppant production

Laboratory research


Preparation and analysis of the samples received from the customers’ fields


Data analysis and interpretation, customer report preparation

Research and Development


Analysis of technological trends of the industry, customers’ demands, existing solutions, advanced alternatives in Russian and international markets, and new technological innovations


Development of new technologies for oil and gas industry


Research and testing of the new developments


Experimental and industrial activities

Innovation Center "Skolkovo",
Moscow, Russia, 121205,
42 Bolshoy boulevard street, building 1
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Research is carried out by Geosplit LLC with Skolkovo Foundation grant financing